Mark Adams' View  3.3.14
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in nice Mason jars, next to the strawberries.
So, you've got 142 men in over 3 ½ hours of "cum-spurting cocks...or, as they say in  the PR, "Splat to the face!" Yes, it's TitanMen's new "Cumshots:Volume 1," which means, there will be more. With limited space here, as good as an excuse as any, I'll spare listing the 142 gorgeous guys included in the, the first such comp offered by the fine Titan folks.  The DVD is available now, as well as individual scenes to download.
Scene 1 of TitanMen's new "Signals" release is up on their site now, along with a description of what the title means, like we don't have a clue.  The first adventure features Dario Beck and Landon Conrad, and the full DVD also has Devin Adams, Mike Tanner, Anthony London and Hans Berlin on hand for your amusement.
The French Connection continue to release some of the classic Cadinot films that haven't been available for a while. The latest is "Garcons D'Etage 2," from 1998. Being released with the title "The Players," it tells the tale of the horny staff of a local hotel.  It says here in the PR, "The tight stretchy trousers of their uniform allow their cocks to take on their ample forms before breaking free for vigorous penetrations." Those wacky Frenchies. You can click here for more info, as if that's not enough.   
Also being offered by Channel 1 is "The Best of Jon King," with another hunk from the 80s.  Scenes from '81-84 can be found here, directed by William Higgins, and featuring Derrick Stanton< J.W. King, and Rick Peters.
Lastly, there's another "Best of" series, this one with Mike Hanson. From '86-'88, directors Higgins and John Travis are represented, with scenes from "Big Guns," "Hot Rods," "Full Load," "In Hot Pursuit," and "My Best Buddy."  If you are of a certain age, you surely remember Jeff Stryker, who appears in this comp, along with Doug Niles, Mark Donovan and Mike Ryan.  A great look at the Golden Years of gay porn, and you can check 'em out at the Channel 1 site.
In case you missed it elsewhere like I did, bottom-boy Connor Kline has retired from gay porn. Just before his 2-year anniversary in the biz, Connor is gone, due, no doubt, to reaching the ripe old age of 21.  Since his early beginnings as "Brice" on Sean Cody, the young man moved on to working for the likes of Lucas and Helix before settling in to  He has commented on his work with Cody, and the difficulty of dealing with "straight guys" on the set, and saying he "never met a single gay guy that I shot with on that site."  No surprise there. At least he did get to experience a relationship with CockyBoy Jake Bass - still ongoing, and there's something to be said for that.  The Sword has a blog  reminding us of the "prolific" career of Connor, and lets us know that there's a yet-to-be-released scene for Hot House with Daryius Ferdinand that we can look forward to.
No twinks to be found in this 3-disc collection.  It's from Treasure Island, and is their first collection  "to focus on the adventures of a bottom."  Really? Anyway, it's "Legendary Hole - Best Of Christian," featuring scene after scene from his "impressive" 50-scene T.I.M. discography. Max Sohl, the T.I.M. director who knows about these things, tells us that “Christian embodies the spirit of Treasure Island with his insatiable desire for cum - either down his throat or up his perfect hole.” Also seen in this collection are such Treasure Island, performers, as DJ, Drew Sebastian, Hot Rod, Mr. Marky, Devon Moss, Eric Wolf, and the ever-popular "hundreds more." Oh - Max also wants you know that, "...As much as he is an amazing cumdump, Christian is also a consummate cocksucking jizz drinker."  Thanks, Max.
When things are slow, there's always Channel 1's classic release schedule to take up some space. Fortunately, most of them are indeed classics of a sort, this time, from the vast Catalina/Laguna Pacific library they acquired a while back.  "The Best of Kevin Williams" is just that, with scenes of his performances between 1986-1988, before many of you were born (not to make the rest of us feel old or anything).  The blond bombshell Kevin made a plethora of films, and this comp includes scenes from "Screen Test," "Bad Boys Club," "Big Guns," "Hot Rods" and "The Look."  Some of the other performers aren't exactly chopped liver, either, with Steve Ross, John Davenport Jon Vincent, Mike Henson and Rex Morgan among them.
COLT is now offering the DVD of their latest Minute Man Solo Series "Bruisers."  As mentioned here in previous scribblings, this one's got three new scenes of hot guys Damien Stone, Tony Orion and Sebastian Rossi. If muscular guys doing their thing is your thing, you'll love these guys.

Look for updates and any new items of interest on the front page, and I'm at Twitter@MAdamsVidioview. You can email me at, best wishes for a very happy you-know-what, and I shall leave you at this point Elizabeth.